Preparing your film for transfer

Getting your 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 film ready to be either sent in or dropped off for transfer to DVD is really very simple. Just follow the steps below.  

1) Use the following guide to determine which formats of film you have to be converted to DVD.

2) Estimate how much film you have to be converted. Use the following guide to help you determine your quantity of film: 

      3in Reel = 50ft      4in Reel = 100ft       5in Reel = 200ft                             6in Reel = 300ft         7in Reel = 400ft

(Hint: Often times the larger reels aren’t completely full, so use the hash marks embedded on the reels to determine your footage to the nearest 25ft increment.)

3)  Group your film together according to format. All 16mm reels together, all 8mm reels together and all Super 8 reels together. This needs to be done because different formats require different equipment to transfer. They still can be burned to the same DVD but they will be converted in groups according to their format. We do not alternate back and forth between different formats of film on a DVD. (Hint: 16mm film tends to be older than 8mm film and 8mm film tends to be older than Super 8 film.)

4)  Organize your reels of film according to the order you would like them to appear on the DVD. Often times this is done by date or subject matter or a combination of the two. (Hint: Some customers have had luck checking out projectors at their local libraries to assist them in determining what is on unmarked reels of developed film.) Remember, do not alternate back and forth between formats. Once the order has been determined, clearly number each reel, canister or box with a black permanent marker so we can easily identify your desired order. (Note: Each reel will appear as it'€™s own €œChapter€ on the opening €œMenu€ screen of the DVD. Unmarked/numbered reels will appear after any marked/numbered reels at the end of the DVD.)

5)  If you are planning to drop off your film just place it in a box or container trying your best to maintain the order of the film. If you are planning to send us your film securely package it so as to ensure as little movement as possible.  

That's it!  You are ready to convert your film!

A few other notes about our film converting services. 

We do not splice your smaller film reels together onto larger reels. This allows us to create chapter points for each reel. Chapter 1 is Reel 1 and so on and so forth. This also allows us to return your film in the same shape and format it was originally sent to us in. This is nice for those of you who would still like to preserve and maintain the family archives without altering their original format.

You will automatically receive two copies of the master DVD(s). This allows you to have one for watching and one to be stored in safe keeping. Or one for you and another for a fellow family member.  

The masters are not copy protected so you can burn extra copies or upload them into your favorite editing software to create your own family keepsakes.

We can fit approximately 1,800ft of film on each disk, which translates to about 2hrs of viewing time.
We do not offer custom chapter titling on the €œMenu screen. As previously mentioned each individual reel will be it’s own chapter therefore you can easily note the content of each reel on the “Reel Description” section provided on the inside of the DVD cover.  

We do not put music to your reels of film. We avoid doing this because we feel it is a service this industry uses to upcharge it'€™s customers for what is often times an undesirable result. We’ve noticed from looking at our competitors results the music normally ends up not matching the tone, era or timing of the images on screen. Therefore, we simply suggest to our customers to use their home stereo to play their favorite songs or radio station softly in the background to achieve the same effect.

Lastly, we will splice together any faulty points within your reels of film. We understand and anticipate that sometimes your film may break or come apart at previously created splice points. In such cases we just repair these points and continue with the conversion.

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