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Digitally preserve any format of video tape on DVD!

Preparing your tapes for transfer

Getting your video tapes ready to be either sent in or dropped off for transfer to DVD is very easy.  Since we transfer tapes to DVD on a 1:1 ratio you do not need to worry about ordering or numbering your tapes.  Each tape will be transferred to its own DVD and it will be returned to you attached to the tape from which it was converted.  This will help eliminate any confusion as to which tape goes with which DVD.  Furthermore, there is a "Notes" section on the face of each DVD which can easily be filled in with a felt tip pen or permanent marker.

We can convert the following formats of video tape:

8mm Tape
Digital 8
Mini-DV (Note: We do not convert Mini-DV recorded in HD)

We also do some PAL to NTSC conversions as well as convert most broadcast quality tapes to DVD.  Please call one of our offices to get a quote for these services.

Extended Play Tapes

Tapes are charged in 2hr increments with a half hour leeway.  Tapes running longer than two hours will automatically be charged extra according to the total run length. Please note this pertains mainly to VHS tapes recorded in an extended play format.  Such tapes will be subject to the following pay scale:

Extended Play Pay Scale

1min up to 2hrs 30mins = Charged as 1 tape.

2hrs 31mins up to 4hrs 30mins = Charged as 2 tapes.

4hrs 31mins up to 6hrs = Charged as 3 tapes.

6hrs 01mins up to 8hrs = Charged as 4 tapes. 
(8hr tapes are very rare but 8hr tapes will be split into two 4hr DVDs)